Our Vision

Fastarry was founded for a single purpose -- to provide trendy and comfortable Butt Lifting Leggings that bring your best energy to every session.

Finding a pair of leggings you can truly trust and love is never easy. A dream legging should be flattering, comfortable and supportive in any activities. We understood the mission and decided to give our best to provide the best.

Empowered by the unique butt lift design and ultimate seamless fabric, Fastarry leggings hug and highlight your curve, compliment your body with every movement. 

Our story
Our mission

Our Passion

At Fastarry, everything we do is driven by our passion to make you feel extraordinary in every step you take. This passion also led Fastarry to become an unparalleled brand for women who have been looking for a legging that could bring confidence anytime, anywhere.

We hope you love wearing our legging as much as we love creating it. It represents our commitment to help you look and feel your best from gym to street.